About Our Girls - Chessey and Sadie

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About Our Girls

About Us and Why We are Writing this

April 2020

Chessey the Chesador at her finestWe love to travel with Mom and Dad (also known as Karen and Gary who write ExploreAtlanticCanada.ca). As we walk around all the campsites with them, we see lots of other dogs. So, we want to let all our canine friends know the answers to the important questions we all have when we travel and explore. But first a little about us:

I’m Sadie, and I’d love to introduce Chessey. She is the graceful serious one. She is always worried and concerned that we are all safe and there are enough big sticks to carry around. Chessey: Would you introduce me?

First tell them the kind of dog I am.

Oh, ok Chessey. Chessey is proud to be a Chesador, a cross between a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Chocolate Lab, just like me. Now is it my turn to be introduced?

All right little one, my happy sister is Sadie. She is a friendly chocolate lab and she is great at wiggling her whole back end when she meets someone new. Dad says she is all about love and she loves to eat! I savour my nighttime cookie….but let’s get to why we are taking pen in paw to write this blog. Drum roll little one

Sadie Girlat her finest Ok Chessey, I don’t mind. THE TOP QUESTIONS

Is there a place to swim?

Is there a trail close by to walk?

Is there a dedicated dog place to run without a leash and chase a ball or better yet a stick?

Is there a private spot to do you know your doggy business?

So, Sadie and I will work hard to answer these questions at every campsite we visit…so ask your humans to watch for the blogs.

And remember always carry your poop bags! Oh, good one, Sadie.