Joggins to Cape Chignecto

Eatonville Day Use Area, Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

Joggins to Cape Chignecto

Route - Joggins Fossil Cliffs, along Hwy #209 to Apple River Rd and

Eatonville Day Use Area, Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

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Spicers Cove with kayaks on beachAfter spending the day at Joggins Fossil Cliffs, an amazing day learning about the UNESCO World Heritage Site, we continued along Hwy #209 south toward Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. A wilderness park along the coastline of the Bay of Fundy with towering cliffs and forests. You can camp here, expect a walk-in site or spend the day as we did.

Rock Cliffs at Anderson Cove But before we got there, Hwy #209 turns into Shulie Rd., dirt backroad which took us along some beautiful coastal views and places to stop. Turn onto Apple River Rd., for our first stopping point; Apple River Bay.  You will find it just after the bridge and just before the sign that advertises kayaking. The tide was out so we had the chance to walk along the beach observing the cliffs and the view of the lighthouse on Cape Capstan, the point of land across the bay.

We caught up to the kayaks at Spicers Cove, also a pleasant place to stop and observe the higher cliffs.

Continuing in, you come to another dirt road, still passable which takes you to Eatonville Day Use Park, in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. Drive to the parking lot where you learn there are 2 hiking trails. We followed Trail Loop 1 – 4, a fairly easy 2.6 km trail with 4 look-off points. There is a second trail showing more look off points which is well marked and both trails could be done in the day for 5.5 kms or 2-3 hrs hiking time.

The 1-4 loop was long enough for us and Chessey and Sadie, our canine girls. They were happy enough with that loop too. The look-offs are worth the walk with each look-off well marked with information. I’ll leave you to find out for yourself, but I did include some pictures to feed your curiosity and explore for yourself.

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  • Sea-Stack-and-surrounding-rocksSea-Stack-and-surrounding-rocks
  • Spicers-Cove-with-kayaks-on-beachSpicers-Cove-with-kayaks-on-beach
  • FissureFissure
  • Spicer-Cove-cliff-formationsSpicer-Cove-cliff-formations
  • rock-cliffs-at-Anderson's-Coverock-cliffs-at-Anderson's-Cove
  • large-cliffs-of-Spicers-Covelarge-cliffs-of-Spicers-Cove
  • Three-Sisters-close-upThree-Sisters-close-up
  • View-of-Lighthouse-with-fog-bankView-of-Lighthouse-with-fog-bank
  • Eatonville-HarbourEatonville-Harbour
  • Apple-River-Bay-with-tide-out-&-view-of-Lighthouse-on-Cape-CapstanApple-River-Bay-with-tide-out-&-view-of-Lighthouse-on-Cape-Capstan
  • Three-Sisters-Cove-and-KayakersThree-Sisters-Cove-and-Kayakers

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