Port Royal Habitation

Port Royal, Nova Scotia

Port Royal Habitation

Port Royal National Historic Site – Port Royal, Nova Scotia

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imposing front gate to Port Royal HabitationAnother fantastic opportunity if you love early Canadian history to visit a reconstruction of the Habitation, one of the earliest European settlements in North America established in 1605 by Samuel de Champlain. Important in establishing the fur trade, the French colonists traded furs with the Mi’kmaq who had lived on this land for thousands of years and welcomed the new colonists.

The settlement is a cluster of adjoining hewn timber buildings grouped French-fashion  in a four-sided arrangement with an enclosed courtyard, protected by a palisade. Enter the imposing front gate and explore the buildings including a bakery, kitchen, forge, trading store, soldiers’ quarters and the more lavishly furnished gentleman’s quarters.

Table set for the Order Of Good Cheer Make certain you find your way to the cannon platforms and get the best view of the sparkling waters of the Annapolis Basin. Find out more information about the first North America social club, the Order of Good Cheer that de Champlain established to keep up the spirits of the inhabitants during the long cold winters. There is a reason for the big fireplace in the Common Room which housed the roomy table and pewter dishes.

There are walking areas around the grounds and also a Mi’kmaq wigwam where you can learn about Mi’kmaq culture.

There are costumed guides who can provide information so ask questions and they also explain how short-lived the settlement was as it was abandoned in 1607 when the trading privileges were revoked by the French King. Returning in 1610 the Habitation was re-established until a raiding party from Virginia looted and burned the fort to the ground.

As you explore, take notice of the number of fireplaces and the unique footwear that was worn.

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  • -clogs-Port-Royal-Habitation-NS-clogs-Port-Royal-Habitation-NS
  • looking-at-the-entrance-to-port-royal-fortlooking-at-the-entrance-to-port-royal-fort
  • Sieur-de-Mons-ResidenceSieur-de-Mons-Residence
  • -tools-in-the-forge-Habitation-tools-in-the-forge-Habitation
  • unique-footwear-of-the-inhabitants-of-Port-Royal-Historical-Siteunique-footwear-of-the-inhabitants-of-Port-Royal-Historical-Site
  • -kitchen-Port-Royal-Habitation-Nova-Scotia-kitchen-Port-Royal-Habitation-Nova-Scotia
  • the-fort-black-smith-forgethe-fort-black-smith-forge
  • -inside-Port-royal-Habitation-NS-inside-Port-royal-Habitation-NS
  • -dishes-Port-Roya-Habitation-dishes-Port-Roya-Habitation
  • port-royal-gentlemens--residencesport-royal-gentlemens--residences
  • port-royal-kitchenport-royal-kitchen
  • imposing-front-gate-to-Port-Royal-Habitationimposing-front-gate-to-Port-Royal-Habitation
  • view-of-Annapolis-Basin-from-cannon-platform-Port-Royal-Historic-Siteview-of-Annapolis-Basin-from-cannon-platform-Port-Royal-Historic-Site
  • port-royal-common-roomport-royal-common-room
  • straw-beds-in-upper-dormitorystraw-beds-in-upper-dormitory
  • table-set-for-the-Order-of-Good-cheertable-set-for-the-Order-of-Good-cheer

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