The Historic Acadian Village

Pubnico, Nova Scotia

The Historic Acadian Village,

Pubnico, NS

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Abbott Harbour Lighthouse The Historic Acadian Village Pubnico Nova Scotia Overlooking Pubnico Harbour is a living museum, taking you back in time to Acadian life in the early 1900s. Walking through the village, take your time to talk with the animators in period costume who will tell you about the rich culture and traditions of Acadians during this period in time.

This was the life of fisherman and I was intrigued by the salted cod drying on the racks as we make our way to a picturesque wharf overlooking the harbour. We enjoyed the wood smell and talking with the animator in the boat shed. He was building a dory and we could see an example of one out front the boat shed and another in the water of Pubnico Harbour.

salted cod laid out to dry i The Historic Acadian Village in Pubnico Nova Scotia We also visited the fish shed where you learn how the cod is salted and packed in wooden crates. Another animator talked to us about fishing during that time as he was repairing fishing nets.

The village shows much more than fishing. There are 2 historical homes, Duon House and Maximin d’Entremont House. Filled with period furniture of how people lived, I noticed the old skates hung on the wall and just inside the kitchen on the floor of the Duon House are pots and an old pair of boots sitting on the bricks. I also really liked the pretty blue of the water jug and matching bowl for washing in one of the upstairs bedrooms. In the Maximin d’Entremont House the kitchen was full of great smells as animators had just finished cooking. When you make your way to the bedroom, look for the trunk with the different wool socks. It must have been very cold in the winter!

There is a blacksmith forge and a post office as you wander around the village. There are also farm animals which would have been raised during this period.

winch used to haul boats up at the Historic Acadian Village Pubnico Nova Scotia I was interested in a couple of different things. One was the chicken pen and how it was constructed and while you are in the area, take time to say hi to the pigs. The other was the winch down by the wharf. Called a “vireveau” in Acadian French, as the website explains “is a mechanical device that works by winding and unwinding a rope or chain around a spool or drum that is large enough to reduce the physical effort. This device was used to lower supplies onto the boats or to raise heavy containers of fish onto the wharf”.

If you give yourself enough time, there is a short trail with quiet harbour views and Abbott Harbour Lighthouse where there is information on the lighthouse keeper inside. You can enjoy traditional cuisine at the Café du Crique, including a delicious picnic lunch you can enjoy at the picnic tables around the edge of the village.

The day we were there we also enjoyed meeting Laurent d’Entremont, the community contact for Pubnico from the CBC. Gary and I enjoy his community information and the joke he always shares. He is involved with the Village and was showing his antique cars

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  • Laurent-dentremont-CBC-community-contact-Pubnico-NSLaurent-dentremont-CBC-community-contact-Pubnico-NS
  • shaving-1900-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSshaving-1900-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • bedroom-Duon-House-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSbedroom-Duon-House-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • old-hats-blacksmith-shop-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSold-hats-blacksmith-shop-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSHistoric-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • Duon-House-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS-Duon-House-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS-
  • farm-implements-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSfarm-implements-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • fish-shanty-&-wharf-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSfish-shanty-&-wharf-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • Maximin-dEntremont-House-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSMaximin-dEntremont-House-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • kitchen-artifacts-Duon-House-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSkitchen-artifacts-Duon-House-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • Boat-Shop-with-dory-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSBoat-Shop-with-dory-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • blacksmith-forge-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSblacksmith-forge-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • Post-Office-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSPost-Office-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • Root-Cellar-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSRoot-Cellar-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • chicken-coop-1900-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSchicken-coop-1900-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS
  • skates-1900-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NSskates-1900-Historic-Acadian-Village-Pubnico-NS

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