Village Historique Acadien

Bertrand, New Brunswick

Village Historique Acadien

Village Historique Acadien, Bertrand, New Brunswick

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Tin Smith at work in 1905 Unlike many of the living museums we have visited (and I enjoy the history brought to life, so we visit a lot) rather than set certain years in time, Village Historiqe Acadien portrays Acadian life from 1770 to 1949. As you wind your way along the 2.2 km. (1.37 miles) path, you travel through time visiting homes, farms and businesses portraying the day to day lives of Acadian families.

Working at the spinning wheel at Village Historique Acadien Each building had excellent interpretive guides who told their story, explained historical significance of their building and the family who lived there. Each building is well furnished with examples of how people cooked and lived their lives in simplicity in the early years, but as the years went on some families were able to afford luxuries such as the ice box or the pump which brought water into the house.

Early years began with farmers who grew or raised what the family needed, but as you wind your way through the village the general store appears; Magasin General Store,1889, Menuiserie Woodworking 1875, the Imprimerie Print Shop 1880 and the Grist Mill 1895.

Raising Hens at the Mazerolle House Follow the walking path across the water and through the covered bridge and the village changes dramatically as you walk into the early to mid 1900’s. Visit the Hotel Albert 1907 where you can also spend the night. There is 1906 Irving Oil Company garage with a beautiful car of the era, Tinsmith Shop 1905 and the updated version of the general store still in the same family-Magasin General Store 1924.

To really treasure this living museum, you almost need two days. So, stay a night in the hotel and pick from 4 restaurants to eat. The website has a lot of history so if you are a history buff, this is a place to visit and read about.

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