The Village of Tatamagouche

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Village of Tatamagouche

Village of Tatamagouche

Northumberland Shore, Colchester County, Nova Scotia

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TheTatamagouche Creamery For those of you who love to walk on a sunny summer’s day, this village is the perfect spot. We found an easy place to park off the main street and discovered a town appealing to the casual tourist visitor while making the most of its history. Located along the south side of Tatamagouche Bay at the mouths of the French and Waugh Rivers, its history is one of sawmills & lumbering, shipbuilding and the railway; Intercolonial Railway constructed a short line which merged into Canadian National Railway in 1918. In 1925 Alexander Ross created the Tatamagouche Creamery with milk supplied by over 1000 local dairy farmers, producing the famous Tatamagouche Butter.

The Creamery Square Heritage Centre is still alive today located on the water in the heart of the village and includes a Performing Arts Centre (year round performances in the Main Auditorium and the Ice House - exhibition space for visual arts); the Boat Shop (community based social enterprise run by volunteers promoting traditional boat building skills); the Heritage Centre (a museum with interactive exhibits and detailed genealogy records) and a weekend Farmer’s Market (a year round facility with local farmers, artisans and crafters).

Tatamagouche Railway Station The Railway Station is today a private Inn & Railway Dining Car. A unique place to stay with a history and an owner who loved the railway in his backyard while growing up and couldn’t bear the thought of the station being torn down. A romantic story for a romantic place. Of course, you can’t go into the private rooms unless you book a room; 7 cabooses renovated into deluxe accommodations; but the dining car is open, and the brick railway station is a gift shop and café.

The main street encourages an easy stroll with its beautiful old homes, shops, places to eat and drink, stop at the Tatamagouche Brewing Company. As well the old railway line has become part of the Trans Canada trial, easy walking with some great views of the river.

A peaceful easy place to visit with a lot to see and enjoy. We need to go back.

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  • Tatamagouche-railway-StationTatamagouche-railway-Station
  • at-the-railway-stationat-the-railway-station
  • sunflowers-by-a-home-in-tatamagouchesunflowers-by-a-home-in-tatamagouche
  • view-of-the-river-from-the-trail-in-Tatamagoucheview-of-the-river-from-the-trail-in-Tatamagouche
  • Tatamagouche-Dining-CarTatamagouche-Dining-Car
  • inside-the-old-Tatamagouche-Cremery-buildinginside-the-old-Tatamagouche-Cremery-building
  • Wares-on-sale-at-the--Farmer's-MarketWares-on-sale-at-the--Farmer's-Market
  • the-old-Tatamagouche-Grain-Elevator-now-shopsthe-old-Tatamagouche-Grain-Elevator-now-shops
  • Tatamagouche-Farmers-MarketTatamagouche-Farmers-Market
  • Tatamagouche-CreameryTatamagouche-Creamery
  • the-railway-station-in-Tatamagouchethe-railway-station-in-Tatamagouche
  • inside-the-Tatamagouche-dining-carinside-the-Tatamagouche-dining-car
  • Beautiful-old-Tatamagouche-homeBeautiful-old-Tatamagouche-home
  • home-of-Tatamagouche-Yarn-&-Companyhome-of-Tatamagouche-Yarn-&-Company
  • Train-Station-Inn-tatamagouceh-NSTrain-Station-Inn-tatamagouceh-NS
  • Tatamagouche-easy-walking-trailTatamagouche-easy-walking-trail

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