Victoria By The Sea

Queens County, Prince Edward Island

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Victoria by the Sea

Queens County, Prince Edward Island

A Beautiful old home in Victoria by the sea, PEI Located at the extreme southwestern edge of Queens County, between Charlottetown and Summerside, is a quaint seaside town. We visited just when Atlantic Canada opened the Atlantic Canada bubble and the village was quiet with some craft shops and restaurants closed. However, it was extremely easy to imagine how bustling this village would be on a hot summer’s day. It is a contrast of beautiful old seasonal homes; some with craft shops selling organic soaps, weaving, pottery, jewelry and antiques in the heart of town; contrasted with a working wharf with its different colored painted fish sheds right next to the historical pier with it’s restaurants and shops.

Working Wharf at Vicoria By The Sea We strolled the small boardwalk and looked out over the harbour to the summer homes located across on the shore. We enjoyed lunch in one of the restaurants located on the pier and we also walked the streets admiring the beautiful old homes. There are many artisans residing or coming to the village as their summer home with beautiful crafts to view and buy. There are scrumptious chocolates and a bookstore with an old-fashioned hobby horse in the window.

Down a side street is the Vitoria Playhouse, unfortunately its season closed due to Covid19. Normally this is a busy spot with summer season of comedies and concerts.

There are also 2 small lighthouses, one right in the town by the water. This is usually a museum but again closed. On the way into Victoria, is a bit of a mystery; a small lighthouse on the edge of a canola field, the rapeseed swaying in the wind- a sea of yellow.

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