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February News Update!

Our new Website

So far we have created a brand new website that is much faster and has more bells and whistles than you could shake a stick at!!

One New toy is the "Nearby Places" button. By selecting the button you will get a map of all the listings we have on Accommodations, Things to do, Restaurants, Service Centers and Traveler help right in your own area. Amazing What!

We apologize to those none Atlantic residents that only get a google map and its local suggestions. The positive side is you can come to Atlantic Canada and use it here.. We have Four Provinces that would just love for you to visit.

You will be able to select different size radius's up to 250 km but not recommended as that would be a lot of listings that could take a very long time to load. You can shut off items you are not looking for by unchecking their box.. Have fun with our new toy. We do :)

Oh almost forgot something... For this to work properly you will need to accept the location request sent out by our website. I guess websites are unable to figure out where you are exactly without your permission, well not yet anyway..

More features are coming up in the near future. Launch expected late March. Watch for it!