Bridgtown Family Camping

On The Annapolis River in Bridgetown, NS

Bridgetown Family Camping

Bridgetown Family Camping, Bridgetown, NS

6 Queen Street, Bridgetown, in Nova Scotia

Listen to the girls tell the story..

Chessey the dog crossing a log, Bridgetown, NS We spent a week here last year and once camping was allowed with opening up the province, we went back for our first weekend of the 2020 camping season. Chessey, I am so happy to be in the motorhome camping again.

Your right Sadie, this is a small campground, but it has lots to do for dogs. In terms of our questions, is there a place to walk? There is the rails to trail walking path just on the other side of the campground which goes all the way to Grand Pre, over 88km.

We didn’t walk that far Chessy, but we really enjoyed the trail every morning and evening. You were very brave crossing the log Chessey. I just crossed down the little ditch to get to the steps to the trail.

Thanks little one. But we need to let people know that they don’t have to cross the log to walk the trail. They can get to it by leaving the campground by the road and just walking a short way to find the trail.

Mom really likes the railway bridge which crosses the Annapolis River. Some of the campsites are right next to the river. And you can see the large bridge anywhere in the campground.

Chessey, It is really nice to look at and we get to walk on it and cross the beautiful river.

Chessey and Sadie swimmimg at Bridgetown Family Camping Our next question Sadie is there a place to swim.

Oh, is there ever Chessey. There is a spot just before the log to the trail, where there is a great spot to get into the river and swim. We had a great time chasing our pink ring. Mom even took some photos of us.

The people who own this campground, Maryanne and Darren, are very friendly and everyone feels welcome. There is a lot for people to do too. Lots of people walk the trail, even without a dog. And people took their ATV’s on the trail all the way to South Mountain. They were gone most of the day and had a great time seeing things. There are some small cabins to stay in as well.

Now onto nearby places you can visit

Near By Places

First you are right in the heart of Bridgetown, a scenic historical town with beautiful Victorian homes to enjoy Also restaurants, shopping. There is also a walking tour, called the Cyprus Walk, but we didn’t get a chance to take it.

Just off highway 201, Bridgetown is the site of Bloody Creek National Historic Site. This is such a peaceful place, why does it have such a terrible name Chessey?

Well, it was the site of 2 terrible battles in the 1700’s. There is a memorial which tells you all about it.

Also, on Hwy 201 is Tupperville School Museum, one-room country school where kids learned in 1869. It was closed when we went but Mom took some photos outside.

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  • Bridgetown--Family-Campground-view-from-the-old-rails-trailBridgetown--Family-Campground-view-from-the-old-rails-trail
  • ATVs-back-from-a-trip-Bridgetown--Family-CampgroundATVs-back-from-a-trip-Bridgetown--Family-Campground
  • Bridgetown--Family-Campground-Nova-ScotiaBridgetown--Family-Campground-Nova-Scotia
  • Chessey-&-Sadie-Bridgetown--Family-CampgroundChessey-&-Sadie-Bridgetown--Family-Campground
  • Chessey-&-Sadie-Bridgetown-Family-Campground-Chessey-&-Sadie-Bridgetown-Family-Campground-
  • Chessey-&-Sadie-swimming-in-the-river-Bridgetown-Family-CampgroundChessey-&-Sadie-swimming-in-the-river-Bridgetown-Family-Campground
  • ExploreAtlanticCanada-stays-at-Bridgetown-Family-campgroundExploreAtlanticCanada-stays-at-Bridgetown-Family-campground
  • abandoned-building-near-Bridgetownabandoned-building-near-Bridgetown
  • -bikes-ready-for-old-rails-trail-Bridgetown-Nova-Scotia--bikes-ready-for-old-rails-trail-Bridgetown-Nova-Scotia-
  • paddleboarding-Annapolis-River-NSpaddleboarding-Annapolis-River-NS
  • old-rails-bridge-Bridgetown-NSold-rails-bridge-Bridgetown-NS
  • walking-old-rails-trail-by-Bridgetown-Family-Campgroundwalking-old-rails-trail-by-Bridgetown-Family-Campground

About Our Girls

Chessey & Sadie -Wagging Tales Authors

Chessey & Sadie

We love to travel with Mom and Dad (Better known as Karen and Gary from Explore Atlantic Canada .ca). As we walk around all the campsites with them, we see lots of other dogs. So, we want to let all our canine friends know the answers to the important questions we all have when we travel and explore. So we hope you will let them hear our stories and perhaps read them yourselves.

Photo Credits: Karen