Belledune Campground

On the Bay of Chaleur

Belledune Campground

Belledune Campground on the Bay of Chaleur

3712 Main St, Belledune, New Brunswick

Chessey & Sadie tell the story.

Chessey, Sadie and Teddy enjoying the beach at belledune This campsite is fantastic as there is a beach with lots of water to run and play. And pretty to look at.

Located right in the town of Belledune and run by the municipality the campsite is quiet and just so you know they don’t allow a campfire.

There is lots to see and do and we did lots of day trips from here and we were tired at the end of the day, a walk along the beach. We didn’t miss a fire. On to our questions Chessey?

Ok Sadie Is there a trail close by to walk?

Who needs a trail there is a big and I mean BIG beach to run around.

Is there a dedicated dog place to run without a leash and chase a ball or better yet a stick?

There is a BIG beach with lots, and I mean lots of water and sticks.

Is there a place to swim? Ok Sadie don’t say it

There is a beach right off the campsite, a fantastic beach. There was hardly anybody there when we were there.

Is there a private spot to do you know your doggy business? There really is no private spot so

Our Boy Teddy enjoying the beach at belledune Be sure to bring your doggy bags and lots of garbage cans around the campsite to put it in. Be responsible and do your business before you get to the beach.

Nearby places.

Before we talk about that, can I talk about Teddy?

Of course, Teddy is our best friend, he raised me Sadie and he taught me how to play and camp.

Me too, Chessey. You raised me but Teddy made sure you did it right and he played with me too. We miss him and it was good to see these photos of him again and remember that trip to New Brunswick with him.

Ok, on to Nearby Places

There are a lot of places to see from here. Read Karen’s blog, Belledune to Bathhurst, New Brunswick along route #134.

It’s a scenic drive along the water and part of the Acadian coast. Stuff to see all along the way. Talk about water, you have got to see Jacquet River Gorge. Ohh just read Mom’s blog.

Also do take time to visit Village Historique Acadien. Mom’s got a special blog with lots of pictures for that living museum so click the link

I remember that, we did lots of walking and went into all kinds of different buildings and talked to lots of people. Give yourself some time to really appreciate the village.

Here is the links Belledune to Bathurst - - Village Historique Acadien

Click an images below to view photos of our stay at Belldune Campground

  • -moss-covered-rock-on-beach-Belledune-Campground-New-Brunswick--moss-covered-rock-on-beach-Belledune-Campground-New-Brunswick-
  • 3-dogs-playing-on-the-beach-Belledune-NB3-dogs-playing-on-the-beach-Belledune-NB
  • Teddy-waiting-to-play-at-Bay-of-Chaleur-NBTeddy-waiting-to-play-at-Bay-of-Chaleur-NB
  • beach-at-Belledune-campground-in-New-Brunswickbeach-at-Belledune-campground-in-New-Brunswick
  • 3-dogs-in-water-Bay-of-Chaleur-NB3-dogs-in-water-Bay-of-Chaleur-NB
  • Our-friend-Teddy-at-the-beachOur-friend-Teddy-at-the-beach
  • Chessey-&-Sadie-swimming-Bay-o-Chaleur-New-BrunswickfChessey-&-Sadie-swimming-Bay-o-Chaleur-New-Brunswickf
  • Teddy-&-the-girls-Belledune-campground-New-BrunswickTeddy-&-the-girls-Belledune-campground-New-Brunswick

About Our Girls

Chessey & Sadie -Wagging Tales Authors

Chessey & Sadie

We love to travel with Mom and Dad (Better known as Karen and Gary from Explore Atlantic Canada .ca). As we walk around all the campsites with them, we see lots of other dogs. So, we want to let all our canine friends know the answers to the important questions we all have when we travel and explore. So we hope you will let them hear our stories and perhaps read them yourselves.

Photo Credits: Karen