South Mountain Park Family Camping & RV Resort

Along Hwy#12 on the beautiful South Mountain, Nova Scotia

South Mountain Park Family Camping

South Mountain Park Family Camping & RV Resort

3022 Hwy #12, Kings County, Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia

Chessey and her big stick at South Mountain RV Park This is a great place to camp, isn’t it Chessey. A real family campsite with lots to do for dogs and kids. We have stayed here a couple of times.

It sure is, little one, let’s answer our questions. I’ll start with #1

1. Is there a trail close by to walk? There are lots of walking trails here and we did a long walk each day in the woods. They are safe to follow and the map the campsite gives you shows you where they are.

And remember about the walk around the duck ponds, Chessey. We liked that walk too.

2. Is there a dedicated dog place to run without a leash and chase a ball or better yet a stick? Well we did get off-leash along the trails, but Sadie I don’t know if we were supposed to.

Chessey that is a great picture of you carrying the big stick, that was along the trail.

There is a dedicated doggy area along the walk by the duck ponds. Again, the map shows you exactly where it is. So, we ran off leash there. The map shows some water there, but when we saw it, it looked like it had a lot of bulrushes, so I told the little one, we couldn’t go in.

Sheep at Ross Farm Museum in New Ross 3. Is there a place to swim? There is a great pond to walk around, but not a good place to swim because the ducks are already swimming in there.

The kids are lucky Chessey , there is a nice pool for them as well as a splash pad and a slip & slide.

Sadie, next time we go we will have to get Karen & Gary to take us just across from the campsite to Gaspereau Lake. It is a big lake and we will have to see if there is a place for dogs to swim there.

Oh, Chessey if they do this campsite will have everything a dog wants to have a great weekend.

4. Is there a private spot to do you know your doggy business? The most private place is along the trail where you can get right back into the woods.

Chessey, when we were walking around the campsite the people were friendly and there is lots of room to walk around as this RV park is pretty big. And there is lots to do for the kids, a games arcade, paddle boats, playgrounds, a great jump pad (we didn’t try it) but the kids were having a lot of fun and a wagon ride every day.

There is fishing for the adults at Gaspereau Lake and a driving range in the campsite as well.

The Girls like the baby lamb at Ross Farm Nova Scotia Nearby Places

Ross Farm Museum is a great place to visit and they are very dog friendly. Sadie and I got to walk all around the farm (on leash of course) the only buildings we weren’t allowed were the 2 homes as they were making food in the kitchen.

There was so much to see. Do you remember Chessey, there were sheep, goats and the roosters just sunning themselves by the barn door.

Sadie you had to be careful around the big oxen they were strong.

And the little baby lamb, it was so cute.

Mom has her own blog here at called Ross Farm Museum, just check out Travel Blog- just click the highlighted text above and you will find lots of pictures and a good story about all the different buildings and animals.

Click an images below to view photos of Ross Farm Museum, Nova Scotia

  • Horse-and-buggy-ride-Ross-Farm-museumHorse-and-buggy-ride-Ross-Farm-museum
  • Cooper-at-work-Ross-Farm-museumCooper-at-work-Ross-Farm-museum
  • barn-Ross-Farm-Museum-NSbarn-Ross-Farm-Museum-NS
  • sheep-in-the-barn-Ross-Farm-Museumsheep-in-the-barn-Ross-Farm-Museum
  • ducklings-swimming-ross-Farm-museumducklings-swimming-ross-Farm-museum
  • oxen-Ross-Farm-Museum-Nova-scotiaoxen-Ross-Farm-Museum-Nova-scotia
  • -rooster-and-hen-by-barn-doo-ross-Farm-Museumr-rooster-and-hen-by-barn-doo-ross-Farm-Museumr

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We love to travel with Mom and Dad (Better known as Karen and Gary from Explore Atlantic Canada .ca). As we walk around all the campsites with them, we see lots of other dogs. So, we want to let all our canine friends know the answers to the important questions we all have when we travel and explore. So we hope you will let them hear our stories and perhaps read them yourselves.

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