Vacationland RV Park & Family Campground

Beautiful Prince Edward Island

Vacationland RV Park & Family Campground

Vacationland RV Park & Family Campground

29 Vacationland Ln, Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island

Chessey and Sadie at play Vacationland Campground PEI Prince Edward Island, or as we call it, PEI is such a great province to visit as there is so much to see and you don’t have to drive far to be on a beach with spectacular views of the water.

And Lighthouses, don’t forget those Chessey, Mom loves Lighthouses.

This campsite is in a good spot to travel and see lots of places so when you visit, make sure you come for enough days to see all the places and beaches there are to see. But more about that later

We had a great camping spot, a big lot right across from the water and a big field where the kids came to play games in the afternoon. We had to stay on our ropes, but it made us want to play too.

That’s right, Sadie, the campsite and some of the RV sites can see Brackley Bay inlet on the Black River.

And if you don’t get one of those sites, your can walk around the campsite to the big field and spend time at the water. And the kids have lots of other fun things to do. There is a pool, a playground and even a basketball court. And a rec hall for the rainy days.

Brackley-bay-Vacationland-PEI Ok, on to our questions Is there a trail close by to walk? No walking trail but this is a big campsite so lots of room to walk

It was great, people like to talk with us and many of them pet us too Chessey.

Is there a dedicated dog place to run without a leash and chase a ball or better yet a stick?

There is the big field.

But remember, Sadie, that wasn’t dedicated. Everyone used it, the kids, adults and some dogs were off leash there running and playing.

Is there a place to swim? The water is hard to get to in same places, but we found a place to get in and swim.

Is there a private spot to do you know your doggy business? Well there wasn’t a spot like that

and so, all dogs have to be responsible and make sure their family picks up after them

Uhmm, very responsible on your part, little one.

Oh, thank you Chessey.

As we said at the start of this blog, once here you don’t have to travel far to see lots of places. PEI is a beautiful province; the roads are quiet and driving an hour in different directions brings you to lots of

Nearby Places

Such as West Point Lighthouse and Cedar Dunes

Wow, you have to see the dunes along the beach with a boardwalk and a black and white lighthouse. Read Mom’s blog

There is also Panmure Island Lighthouse and Seacow Head Lighthouse with a great view of the big bridge people drive on to get to PEI. Mom did a great blog on Panmure Island.

We did say there were lots of lighthouses. But we also visited Orwell Corner Historical Village. Karen did a blog about that museum too. When you visit there, you are back in 1895.

Here is the links West Point Lighthouse - - Panmure Island Light House - - Orwell Corner Historical Village

Click an images below to view photos of the District of Clare, Nova Scotia

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  • campfire--Vacationland-Campground-Brackley-PEIcampfire--Vacationland-Campground-Brackley-PEI
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About Our Girls

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Chessey & Sadie

We love to travel with Mom and Dad (Better known as Karen and Gary from Explore Atlantic Canada .ca). As we walk around all the campsites with them, we see lots of other dogs. So, we want to let all our canine friends know the answers to the important questions we all have when we travel and explore. So we hope you will let them hear our stories and perhaps read them yourselves.

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